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Volume 1

The World Before the Flood, and The History of the Patriarchs

Chapter 1

Creation - Man in the garden of Eden - The Fall

Chapter 2

Cain and Abel - The Two Ways and the Two Races

Chapter 3

Seth and his Descendants - The Race of Cain

Chapter 4

Genealogy of the Believing Race, through Seth

Chapter 5

The Universal Corruption of Man - Preparation for the Flood

Chapter 6

The Flood - History of the Patriarchs

Chapter 7

After the Flood - Noah's Sacrifice - Noah's Sin - Noah's Descendants

Chapter 8

Genealogy of Nations - Babel - Confusion of tongues

Chapter 9

The Nations and their Religion - Job

Chapter 10

The Chronology of the early History of the Bible - Commencement of the History of God's Dealings with Abraham and his Seed

Chapter 11

The Calling of Abram - His Arrival in Canaan, and Temporary Removal to Egypt

Chapter 12

The Separation of Abram and Lot - Abram at Hebron - Sodom plundered - Lot rescued - The Meeting with Melchizedek

Chapter 13

The Twofold Promise of "a Seed" to Abraham - Ishmael - Jehovah visits Abraham - The Destruction of Sodom - Abraham's Sojourn at Gerar - His Covenant with Abimelech

Chapter 14

Birth Of Isaac - Ishmael Sent Away - Trial Of Abraham's Faith In The Command To Sacrifice Isaac - Death Of Sarah - Death Of Abraham

Chapter 15

The Marriage Of Isaac - Birth Of Esau And Jacob - Esau Sells His Birthright - Isaac At Gerar - Esau's Marriage

Chapter 16

Isaac's Blessing Obtained By Jacob Deceitfully - Esau's Sorrow - Evil Consequences Of Their Error To All The Members Of The Patriarchal Family - Jacob Is Sent To Laban - Isaac Renews And Fully Gives Him The Blessing Of Abraham

Chapter 17

Jacob's Vision At Bethel - His Arrival At The House Of Laban - Jacob's Double Marriage And Servitude - His Flight From Haran - Pursuit Of Laban, And Reconciliation With Jacob

Chapter 18

Jacob At Mahanaim - The Night Of Wrestling - Reconciliation Between Jacob And Esau - Jacob Settles At Shechem - Jacob Proceeds To Bethel To Pay His Vow - Death Of Rachel - Jacob Settles At Hebron

Chapter 19

Joseph's Early Life - He Is Sold By His Brethren Into Slavery - Joseph In The House Of Potiphar - Joseph In Prison

Chapter 20

Joseph In Prison - The Dream Of Pharaoh's Two Officers - The Dream Of Pharaoh - Joseph's Exaltation - His Government Of Egypt

Chapter 21

The Sons Of Jacob Arrive In Egypt To Buy Corn - Joseph Recognizes His Brothers - Imprisonment Of Simeon - The Sons Of Jacob Come A Second Time, Bringing Benjamin With Them - Joseph Tries His Brethren - He Makes Himself Known To Them - Jacob And His Family Prepare To Descend Into Egypt

Chapter 22

Departure Of Jacob And His Family Into Egypt - Jacob's Interview With Pharaoh - His Last Illness And Command To Be Buried In Canaan - Adoption Of Ephraim And Manasseh Among The Sons Of Israel

Chapter 23

The Last Blessing Of Jacob - Death Of Jacob - Death Of Joseph