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The History of the Church of Christ Volume 2

Joseph Milner

Century IV, Chapter I

The Persecution of Dioclesian

Century IV, Chapter II

A View of the State of the Christian Religion, on its Establishment under Constantine

Century IV, Chapter III

The Progress of the Arian Controversy, till the Death of Constantine

Century IV, Chapter IV

The Progress of the Arian Controversy During the Reign of Constantius

Century IV, Chapter V

A View of Monasticism and Other Miscellaneous Circumstances, from the Establishment of Christianity under Constantine, to the Death of Constantius

Century IV, Chapter VI

The Extension of the Gospel, from the Beginning of the Century, to the Death of Constantius

Century IV, Chapter VII

The Decline of Idolatry in this Century, to the Death of Constantius

Century IV, Chapter VIII

Julian's Attempts to Restore Idolatry

Century IV, Chapter IX

The Church under Julian

Century IV, Chapter X

The Church under Jovian

Century IV, Chapter XI

The Church under Valens--The Death, Character, and Writings of Athanasius

Century IV, Chapter XII

The Church under Valentinian--Ambrose Appointed Bishop of Milan

Century IV, Chapter XIII

The Church of Christ under Gratian and Theodosius, till the Death of the Former

Century IV, Chapter XIV

The Heresy of Priscillian--The Conduct of Martin--The Progress of Superstition

Century IV, Chapter XV

The Conduct of Ambrose under the Emperor Valentinian the Second, and the Persecution Which He Endured from the Emperor's Mother Justina

Century IV, Chapter XVI

The Church under Theodosius

Century IV, Chapter XVII

Reflections on Ecclesiastical Establishments

Century IV, Chapter XVIII

The Private Life and Works of Ambrose

Century IV, Chapter XIX

The Propagation of the Gospel among Barbarians; the Progress of Novatianism, and of Monasticism

Century IV, Chapter XX

Christian Authors in This Century

Century IV, Chapter XXI

Ephraim the Syrian

Century IV, Chapter XXII

Hilary of Poictiers

Century IV, Chapter XXIII

Basil of Casarea

Century IV, Chapter XXIV

Gregory Nazianzen

Century V, Chapter I

John Chrysostom

Century V, Chapter II

Augustine's "Confessions" Abridged

Century V, Chapter III

The Pelagian Controversy

Century V, Chapter IV

Pelagian Documents

Century V, Chapter V

A Short View of Augustine's "City of God"

Century V, Chapter VI

Augustine's Conduct Toward the Donatists

Century V, Chapter VII

The Rest of Augustine's Works Reviewed

Century V, Chapter VIII

Miscellaneous Particulars Concerning Augustine

Century V, Chapter IX

The Theology of Augustine

Century V, Chapter X

The Life and Works of Jerom

Century V, Chapter XI

The Church of Christ in the West

Century V, Chapter XII

The Church of Christ in the East

Century V, Chapter XIII

Christian Writers of This Century