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1 Chronicles 12:40 - Interlinear Bible

40 Moreover those who were near to them, even as far as Issachar and Zebulun and Naphtali, brought food on donkeys, camels, mules and on oxen, great quantities of flour cakes, fig cakes and bunches of raisins, wine, oil, oxen and sheep. There was joy indeed in Israel.
~yil.k{a h'vw{l.v ~yim'y dyiw'D -mi[ ~'v -.Wy.hiY;w ? ~;g.w ~,hyex]a ~,h'l .Wnyikeh -yiK ~yitw{v.w ? !.WlUb.z.W r'kf'fIy -d;[ ~,hyel]a -myibw{r.Q;h ? ~yiL;m.G;b.W ~yirw{m]x;B ~,x,l ~yiayib.m yil'T.p;n.w ? ~yiq.WMic.w ~yileb.D x;m,q l'k]a;m r'q'B;b.W ~yid'r.P;b.W ? h'x.mif yiK b{r'l !a{c.w r'q'b.W !,m,v.w -nIy;y.w ? lea'r.fIy.B