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Acts 17:18 - Interlinear Bible

18 And also some of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers were conversing with him. Some were saying, "What would this idle babbler wish to say?" Others *, "He seems to be a proclaimer of strange deities,"-because he was preaching Jesus and the resurrection.
tine;? {X-NPM} de; {CONJ} kai; {CONJ} tw'n {T-GPM} #Epikoureivwn {N-GPM} kai; {CONJ} Stoi>kw'n {A-GPM} filosovfwn {N-GPM} sunevballon {V-IAI-3P} aujtw'/, {P-DSM} kaiv {CONJ} tine? {X-NPM} e~legon, {V-IAI-3P} Tiv {I-ASN} a^n {PRT} qevloi {V-PAO-3S} oJ {T-NSM} spermolovgo? {A-NSM} ouJ'to? {D-NSM} levgein; {V-PAN} oiJ {T-NPM} dev, {CONJ} Cevnwn daimonivwn {N-GPN} dokei' {V-PAI-3S} kataggeleu;? {N-NSM} ei\nai: {V-PXN} o&ti {CONJ} to;n {T-ASM} #Ihsou'n {N-ASM} kai; {CONJ} th;n {T-ASF} ajnavstasin {N-ASF} eujhggelivzeto. {V-IMI-3S}