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Acts 23:14 - Interlinear Bible

14 They came to the chief priests and the elders and said, "We have bound ourselves under a solemn oath to taste nothing until we have killed Paul
oi&tine? {R-NPM} proselqovnte? {V-2AAP-NPM} toi'? {T-DPM} ajrciereu'sin {N-DPM} kai; {CONJ} toi'? {T-DPM} presbutevroi? {A-DPM} ei\pan, {V-2AAI-3P} #Anaqevmati {N-DSN} ajneqemativsamen {V-AAI-1P} eJautou;? {F-3APM} mhdeno;? {A-GSN} geuvsasqai {V-ADN} e&w? {CONJ} ouJ' {R-GSM} ajpokteivnwmen {V-PAS-1P} to;n {T-ASM} Pau'lon. {N-ASM}