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Hebrews 7:25 - Interlinear Bible

25 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.
o&qen {ADV} kai; {CONJ} swv/zein {V-PAN} eij? {PREP} to; {T-ASN} pantele;? {A-ASN} duvnatai {V-PNI-3S} tou;? {T-APM} prosercomevnou? {V-PNP-APM} dij {PREP} aujtou' {P-GSM} tw'/ {T-DSM} qew'/, {N-DSM} pavntote {ADV} zw'n {V-PAP-NSM} eij? {PREP} to; {T-ASN} ejntugcavnein {V-PAN} uJpe;r {PREP} aujtw'n. {P-GPM}