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Hosea 10:5-6 - Interlinear Bible

5 The inhabitants of Samaria shall fear because of the calves of Bethaven: for the people thereof shall mourn over it, and the priests thereof that rejoiced on it, for the glory thereof, because it is departed from it.
!w{r.m{v !;k.v .Wr.Wg'y !,w'a tyeB tw{l.g,[.l ? .Wlyig'y wy'l'[ wy'r'm.k.W w{M;[ wy'l'[ l;b'a -yiK ? .WN,Mim h'l'g -yiK w{dw{b.K -l;[
6 It shall be also carried unto Assyria for a present to king Jareb: Ephraim shall receive shame, and Israel shall be ashamed of his own counsel.
ber'y .$,l,m.l h'x.nim l'b.Wy r.WV;a.l w{tw{a -m;G ? w{t'c][em lea'r.fIy vw{bey.w x'QIy ~Iy;r.p,a h'n.v'B