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Nahum 3:1-3 - Interlinear Bible


Nineveh's Complete Ruin

a{l h'ael.m q,r,P v;x;K H'LUK ~yim'D ryi[<05892!> yw{h ? @,r'j vyim'y
2 The noise of the whip, The noise of the rattling of the wheel, Galloping horses And bounding chariots!
reh{D s.Ws.w !'pw{a v;[;r lw{q.w jw{v lw{q ? h'deQ;r.m h'b'K.r,m.W
b{r.w tyin]x q;r.b.W b,r,x b;h;l.w h,l][;m v'r'P ? .Wl.v.kIy h'Yiw.G;l h,ceq !yea.w r,g'P d,b{k.w l'l'x ? ~'t'Yiw.giB