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Zechariah 13:2 - Interlinear Bible

2 "It will come about in that day," declares the LORD of hosts, "that I will cut off the names of the idols from the land, and they will no longer be remembered; and I will also remove the prophets and the unclean spirit from the land.
tyir.k;a tw{a'b.c h'wh.y ~Ua.n a.Wh;h ~w{Y;b h'y'h.w ? .Wr.k'ZIy a{l.w #,r'a'h -nim ~yiB;c]['h tw{m.v -t,a ? h'a.mUJ;h ;x.Wr -t,a.w ~yiayib.N;h -t,a ~;g.w dw{[ ? #,r'a'h -nim ryib][;a