Interlinear Bible Esther 5:8

8 if I have found favor in the sight of the king, and if it pleases the king to grant my petition and do what I request, may the king and Haman come to the banquet which I will prepare for them, and tomorrow I will do as the king says."
.$,l,M;h -l;[ -mia.w .$,l,M;h yenye[.B !ex yita'c'm -mia ? yit'v'Q;B -t,a tw{f][;l.w yit'lea.v -t,a tet'l bw{j ? h,f/[,a r,v]a h,T.viM;h -l,a !'m'h.w .$,l,M;h aw{b'y ? .$,l,M;h r;b.diK#st01697 h,f/[,a r'x'm.W#st04279 ~,h'l