Interlinear Bible Isaiah 39:2

2 Hezekiah was pleased *, and showed them all his treasure house, the silver and the gold and the spices and the precious oil and his whole armory * and all that was found in his treasuries. There was nothing * in his house nor in all his dominion that Hezekiah did not show them.
-t,a ~ea.r;Y;w .Wh'Yiq.zix ~,hyel][ x;m.fiY;w ? -t,a.w b'h'Z;h -t,a.w @,s,K;h -t,a h't{k.n#st03701 tyeB ?#st05238 tyeB -l'K#st03627 tea.w bw{J;h !,m,V;h tea.w ~yim'f.B;h ? -a{l wy't{r.c{a.B a'c.min r,v]a -l'K tea.w wy'leK ? w{T.l;v.m,m -l'k.b.W w{tyeb.B .Wh'Yiq.zix#st01004 ~'a.r,h -a{l r,v]a r'b'd h'y'h