Interlinear Bible Leviticus 22:13

13 'But if a priest's daughter becomes a widow or divorced, and has no child and returns to her father's house as in her youth, she shall eat of her father's food; but no * layman shall eat of it.
[;r,z.w h'v.Wr.g.W h'n'm.l;a h,y.hit yiK !eh{K -t;b.W#st01323 ? 'hy,r.W[.niK 'hyib'a#st01 tyeB#st01004 -l,a h'b'v.w H'l !yea ? l;ka{y -a{l r'z -l'k.w leka{T 'hyib'a#st01 ~,x,Lim ? w{B