Isaiah 10:16-26 NIV

16 Therefore, the Lord, the LORD Almighty, will send a wasting disease1 upon his sturdy warriors;2 under his pomp3 a fire4 will be kindled like a blazing flame.

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17 The Light of Israel will become a fire,5 their Holy One6 a flame; in a single day it will burn and consume his thorns7 and his briers.8

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18 The splendor of his forests9 and fertile fields it will completely destroy,10 as when a sick man wastes away.

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      19 And the remaining trees of his forests11 will be so few12 that a child could write them down.

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      The Remnant of Israel

      20 In that day13 the remnant of Israel, the survivors14 of the house of Jacob, will no longer rely15 on him who struck them down16 but will truly rely17 on the LORD, the Holy One of Israel.18

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          21 A remnant19 will return,a20 a remnant of Jacob will return to the Mighty God.21

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            • b 10:21 - Hebrew "shear-jashub"; also in verse 22
              22 Though your people, O Israel, be like the sand22 by the sea, only a remnant will return.23 Destruction has been decreed,24 overwhelming and righteous.

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              23 The Lord, the LORD Almighty, will carry out the destruction decreed25 upon the whole land.26

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              24 Therefore, this is what the Lord, the LORD Almighty, says: "O my people who live in Zion,27 do not be afraid28 of the Assyrians, who beat29 you with a rod30 and lift up a club against you, as Egypt did.

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                  25 Very soon31 my anger against you will end and my wrath32 will be directed to their destruction.33"

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                  26 The LORD Almighty will lash34 them with a whip, as when he struck down Midian35 at the rock of Oreb; and he will raise his staff36 over the waters,37 as he did in Egypt.

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