Isaiah 14:9-19 NIV

9 The gravea1 below is all astir to meet you at your coming; it rouses the spirits of the departed2 to greet you-- all those who were leaders3 in the world; it makes them rise from their thrones-- all those who were kings over the nations.4

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    • b 14:9 - Hebrew "Sheol "; also in verses 11 and 15
      10 They will all respond, they will say to you, "You also have become weak, as we are; you have become like us."5

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      11 All your pomp has been brought down to the grave,6 along with the noise of your harps;7 maggots are spread out beneath you and worms8 cover you.9

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      12 How you have fallen10 from heaven, O morning star,11 son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!12

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      13 You said in your heart, "I will ascend13 to heaven; I will raise my throne14 above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,15 on the utmost heights16 of the sacred mountain.b

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        • c 14:13 - Or "the north"; Hebrew "Zaphon"
          14 I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;17 I will make myself like the Most High."18

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          15 But you are brought down19 to the grave,20 to the depths21 of the pit.22

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          16 Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate:23 "Is this the man who shook24 the earth and made kingdoms tremble,

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          17 the man who made the world a desert,25 who overthrew26 its cities and would not let his captives go home?"27

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          18 All the kings of the nations lie in state, each in his own tomb.28

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          19 But you are cast out29 of your tomb like a rejected branch; you are covered with the slain,30 with those pierced by the sword,31 those who descend to the stones of the pit.32 Like a corpse trampled underfoot,

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