Isaiah 23:1-7 NIV

A Prophecy About Tyre

1 An oracle concerning Tyre:1 Wail,2 O ships3 of Tarshish!4 For Tyre is destroyed5 and left without house or harbor. From the land of Cyprusa word has come to them.

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2 Be silent,6 you people of the island and you merchants7 of Sidon,8 whom the seafarers have enriched.

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3 On the great waters came the grain of the Shihor;9 the harvest of the Nileb10 was the revenue of Tyre,11 and she became the marketplace of the nations.

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    • b 23:3 - ,3 Masoretic Text; one Dead Sea Scroll "Sidon, / who cross over the sea; / your envoys 3 are on the great waters. / The grain of the Shihor, / the harvest of the Nile,"
      4 Be ashamed, O Sidon,12 and you, O fortress of the sea, for the sea has spoken: "I have neither been in labor nor given birth;13 I have neither reared sons nor brought up daughters.

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      5 When word comes to Egypt, they will be in anguish14 at the report from Tyre.15

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      6 Cross over to Tarshish;16 wail, you people of the island.

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      7 Is this your city of revelry,17 the old, old city, whose feet have taken her to settle in far-off lands?

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