Isaiah 65:2-7 NIV

2 All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people,1 who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations2--

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3 a people who continually provoke me to my very face,3 offering sacrifices in gardens4 and burning incense5 on altars of brick;

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4 who sit among the graves6 and spend their nights keeping secret vigil; who eat the flesh of pigs,7 and whose pots hold broth of unclean meat;

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5 who say, 'Keep away; don't come near me, for I am too sacred8 for you!' Such people are smoke9 in my nostrils, a fire that keeps burning all day.

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6 "See, it stands written before me: I will not keep silent10 but will pay back11 in full; I will pay it back into their laps12--

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7 both your sins13 and the sins of your fathers,"14 says the LORD. "Because they burned sacrifices on the mountains and defied me on the hills,15 I will measure into their laps the full payment16 for their former deeds."

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