Job 14:1-10 NIV

1 "Man born of woman1 is of few days2 and full of trouble.3

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2 He springs up like a flower4 and withers away;5 like a fleeting shadow,6 he does not endure.7
3 Do you fix your eye on such a one?8 Will you bring hima before you for judgment?9

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    • a 14:3 - Septuagint, Vulgate and Syriac; Hebrew "me"
      4 Who can bring what is pure10 from the impure?11 No one!12

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      5 Man's days are determined;13 you have decreed the number of his months14 and have set limits he cannot exceed.15

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      6 So look away from him and let him alone,16 till he has put in his time like a hired man.17

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      7 "At least there is hope for a tree:18 If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots19 will not fail.20

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      8 Its roots may grow old in the ground and its stump21 die in the soil,

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      9 yet at the scent of water22 it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.23

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      10 But man dies and is laid low;24 he breathes his last and is no more.25

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