Joshua 18:4-9 NIV

4 Appoint three men from each tribe. I will send them out to make a survey of the land and to write a description of it,1 according to the inheritance of each.2 Then they will return to me.

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5 You are to divide the land into seven parts. Judah is to remain in its territory on the south3 and the house of Joseph in its territory on the north.4

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6 After you have written descriptions of the seven parts of the land, bring them here to me and I will cast lots5 for you in the presence of the LORD our God.

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7 The Levites, however, do not get a portion among you, because the priestly service of the LORD is their inheritance.6 And Gad, Reuben and the half-tribe of Manasseh have already received their inheritance on the east side of the Jordan. Moses the servant of the LORD gave it to them.7"

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8 As the men started on their way to map out the land, Joshua instructed them, "Go and make a survey of the land and write a description of it.8 Then return to me, and I will cast lots for you here at Shiloh9 in the presence of the LORD."

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      9 So the men left and went through the land. They wrote its description on a scroll, town by town, in seven parts, and returned to Joshua in the camp at Shiloh.