Daniel 10 LEB

Daniel’s Vision of a Dazzling Heavenly Messenger

1 In the third year of Cyrus [the] king of [the] Persians, a worda was revealed to Daniel, who was called [by] his name Belteshazzar, and the wordb [was] reliable and [it concerned] a great tribulation,c and he understood the wordd and {he received understanding}.e

References for Daniel 10:1

    • ɛ 10:1 - Or "matter," or "message"
    • ɜ 10:1 - Or "matter," or "message"
    • ɝ 10:1 - Or "conflict"
    • ɞ 10:1 - Or "matter," or "message"
    • ɟ 10:1 - Literally "and understanding to him"
      2 In those days, I, Daniel, I [myself]f was [in] mourning {for three whole weeks}.g

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        • ɠ 10:2 - This is an emphatic use of the first person personal pronoun
        • ɡ 10:2 - Literally "three weeks [of] days"
          3 I had not eaten [any] choice food, and meat and wine did not enter my mouth, and {I did not use any ointment}h {until the end of three whole weeks}.i

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            • ɢ 10:3 - Literally "I have not anointed at all"
            • ɣ 10:3 - Literally "until being full/complete three weeks [of] days"
              4 And [then] on [the] twenty-fourth day of the first month, I [myself]j was on the bank of the great river; that is, [the] Tigris.

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                • ɤ 10:4 - This is an emphatic use of the first person personal pronoun
                  5 And I lifted up my eyes and I saw,k and there was a man, [and] he was dressed [in] linen, and his waist was girded with [the] gold of Uphaz.

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                    • ɥ 10:5 - Or "looked"
                      6 Now his body [was] like turquoise,l and his face [was] like [the] appearance of lightning, and his eyes [were] like torches of fire, and his arms and his legs [were] like [the] gleam of polished bronze, and the sound of his words [was] like [the] sound of a multitude.

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                        • ɦ 10:6 - Or "yellow jasper" or other gold-colored stones; the exact identity of ancient precious stones is difficult
                          7 And I saw, I, Daniel {alone},m the vision; and the people who were with me {did not see}n the vision; nevertheless, a great trembling fell upon them and they fled [in order] to hide themselves.

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                            • ɧ 10:7 - Literally "to alone me"
                            • ɨ 10:7 - Literally "not they saw"
                              8 And I myself, Daniel, alone saw this great vision, and [as a result] {no strength was left in me}o and {my complexion grew deathly pale},p and I did not retain any strength.

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                                • ɩ 10:8 - Literally "not was left in me strength"
                                • ɪ 10:8 - Literally "and complexion my changed over me to destruction"
                                  9 And I heard the sound of his words, and {when I heard}q the sound of his words I myself [began] falling into a trance on my face, {with my face to the ground}.r

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                                    • ɫ 10:9 - Literally "at my hearing"
                                    • ɬ 10:9 - Literally "and my face toward the ground"
                                      10 And look, a hand touched me and it roused me to my kneess and the palmst of my hands.

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                                        • ɭ 10:10 - Hebrew "on my knees"
                                        • ɮ 10:10 - Hebrew "palm"
                                          11 And he said to me, "Daniel, [a] man beloved, pay attention to the words that I [am] speaking to you and {stand upright where you are},u for I have now been sent to you." And {while he was speaking}v with me this word,w I stood up trembling.

                                          References for Daniel 10:11

                                            • ɯ 10:11 - Literally "stand on your position"
                                            • ɰ 10:11 - Literally "at his speaking"
                                            • ɱ 10:11 - Or "matter," or "message"
                                              12 And he said to me, "You must not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself {before}x your God, your words were heard, and I [myself]y have come because of your words.

                                              References for Daniel 10:12

                                                • ɲ 10:12 - Literally "to the face of"
                                                • ɳ 10:12 - This is an emphatic use of the first person personal pronoun
                                                  13 But [the] prince of [the] kingdom of Persia stood {before me}z [for] twenty-one days. And look,{ Michael, one of the chief princes, came to assist me, and I left [him] there beside [the] king of [the] Persians.

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                                                    • ɴ 10:13 - Literally "to front of me"
                                                    • ɵ 10:13 - Or "finally"
                                                      14 And I have come| to instruct you about what} will happen to your people {in the future},~ for [there is] a further vision [here] {for the future}.

                                                      References for Daniel 10:14

                                                        • ɶ 10:14 - Hebrew "I came"
                                                        • ɷ 10:14 - Hebrew "that"
                                                        • ɸ 10:14 - Literally "at the end of the days"
                                                        • ɹ 10:14 - Literally "for the days"
                                                          15 And while he was speaking with me according to these words, I turned my face toward the ground and I was speechless.
                                                          16 Then look, there was {one in the form of a human};€ he touched my lips and I opened my mouth and I spoke and I said to the [one] standing {before me}, "My lord, because of the vision my anxieties fell upon me and I [have] not retained [my] strength.

                                                          References for Daniel 10:16

                                                            • ɺ 10:16 - Literally "as [the] likeness of [a] son of man"
                                                            • ɻ 10:16 - Literally "to opposite me"
                                                              17 So {how am I, a servant of my lord}‚ to speak with {you, my lord},ƒ and I {just now}„ {have no strength in me}?"…

                                                              References for Daniel 10:17

                                                                • ɼ 10:17 - Literally "how is [he] able a servant [of] my lord this"
                                                                • ɽ 10:17 - Literally "with my lord this"
                                                                • ɾ 10:17 - Literally "from now"
                                                                • ɿ 10:17 - Literally "not it remains in me strength"
                                                                  18 And {he again touched}† me, {the one in the form of a human},‡ and he strengthened me.

                                                                  References for Daniel 10:18

                                                                    • ʀ 10:18 - Literally "he added to and touched"
                                                                    • ʁ 10:18 - Literally "like vision of a man"
                                                                      19 And he said, "You must not fear, [O] beloved man. {Peace be to you};ˆ be strong and be courageous!" And {when he spoke}‰ with me, I was strengthened and I said, "Let my lord speak, for you have strengthened me."

                                                                      References for Daniel 10:19

                                                                        • ʂ 10:19 - Literally "Peace to/for you"
                                                                        • ʃ 10:19 - Literally "at his speaking"
                                                                          20 Then he asked, "Do you know why I have come to you? And now I return to fight against the prince of Persia and I [myself]Š [am] going, and look,‹ [the] prince of JavanŒ will come.

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                                                                            • ʄ 10:20 - This is an emphatic use of the first person personal pronoun
                                                                            • ʅ 10:20 - Or "listen"
                                                                            • ʆ 10:20 - That is, Greece
                                                                              21 However, I will tell you {what is inscribed} in [the] book of truth, and there is not one [who] contends with me against these [beings] {except}Ž Michael, your prince."

                                                                              References for Daniel 10:21

                                                                                • ʇ 10:21 - Literally "the being inscribed"
                                                                                • ʈ 10:21 - Literally "but if"