Ezekiel 15 LEB

Jerusalem a Useless Vine

1 And the word of Yahweh {came}a to me, {saying},b

References for Ezekiel 15:1

    • Ȼ 15:1 - Literally "was"
    • ȼ 15:1 - Literally "to say"
      2 "Son of man, how will the wood of the vine be {better than}c {any of the wood of}d the branch which is among the trees of the forest?e

      References for Ezekiel 15:2

        • Ƚ 15:2 - Literally "more than"
        • Ⱦ 15:2 - Literally "all of the wood of"
        • ȿ 15:2 - Or "wood"
          3 Can wood be taken from it to make anything, or can they take a tent peg from it to hang on it any object?f

          References for Ezekiel 15:3

            • ɀ 15:3 - Or "vessel"
              4 Look! It is given to the fire as fuel. The fire will consume two of its ends, and its middle will be charred. Is it useful for anything?
              5 Look! {When it is in perfect condition},g it will not be used for anything, {how much less}h {when the fire has consumed it}i and it is charred; and [then] can it be used again for anything?

              References for Ezekiel 15:5

                • Ɂ 15:5 - Literally "In being it perfect"
                • ɂ 15:5 - Literally "indeed"
                • Ƀ 15:5 - Literally "for [if] fire has consumed it"
                  6 Therefore thus says the Lord Yahweh: {Just like}j the wood of the vine among the trees of the forestk which I gave to the fire for fuel, so I have given the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

                  References for Ezekiel 15:6

                    • Ʉ 15:6 - Literally "As that"
                    • Ʌ 15:6 - Or "wood"
                      7 And I will set my face against them. From the fire they [may]{escape},l but the fire will [yet] consume them, and they will know that I [am] Yahweh {when I set my face against them}.m

                      References for Ezekiel 15:7

                        • Ɇ 15:7 - Literally "go out"
                        • ɇ 15:7 - Literally "in to set me my face against them"
                          8 And I will make the land [a] desolation because {they acted very unfaithfully}!"n {declares}o the Lord Yahweh.

                          References for Ezekiel 15:8

                            • Ɉ 15:8 - Literally "they displayed infidelity"
                            • ɉ 15:8 - Literally "declaration of"