Ezekiel 5:12-17 LEB

12 A third of you will die because of the plague, and because of the famine they will perish in the midst of you, and a third will fall through the sword around you, and a third I will scatter to every direction of the wind, and I will draw [the] sword behind them.
13 And my anger will come to an end, and I will place my rage on them, and I will relent, and they will know that I, Yahweh, have spoken in my passion {when I fully vent my rage against them}.a

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    • ć 5:13 - Literally "at my finishing my anger against them"
      14 And I will make you into a desolate place and into a disgrace among the nations that surround you before the eyes of {every one who passes by}.b

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        • Ĉ 5:14 - Literally "every one of passing by"
          15 And it will bec [an] object of tauntingd and [an] object of mockery, a warning and a horror to the nations that [are] around you whenever I execute judgments against you in anger and in wrath and in furious punishments! I, Yahweh, have spoken!

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            • ĉ 5:15 - Or "and you will be"
            • Ċ 5:15 - Hebrew "taunt"
              16 When I send my arrows of deadly famine against them, which will be as destruction that I will send [in order] to destroy you, I will increase famine against you, and I will break {the supply of food}e for you.

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                • ċ 5:16 - Literally "staff of bread"
                  17 And I will send against you famine and fierce animals,f and they will make you childless; and plague and blood will pass through you, and I will bring [the] sword upon you. I, Yahweh, I have spoken!"

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                    • Č 5:17 - Hebrew "animal"