Hebrews 2:1-6 LEB

Warning Not to Neglect Salvation

1 Because of this, [it is] all the more necessary [that] we pay attention to the [things] we have heard, lest we drift away.

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      2 For if the word spoken through angels was binding and every transgression and act of disobedience received a just penalty,
      3 how will we escape [if we]a neglect so great a salvation which had [its] beginning [when it]b was spoken through the Lord [and] was confirmed to us by those who heard,

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        • h 2:3 - *Here "[if]" is supplied as a component of the participle ("neglect") which is understood as conditional
        • i 2:3 - *Here "[when]" is supplied as a component of the temporal infinitive ("was spoken")
          4 [while]c God was testifying at the same time by signs and wonders and various miracles and distributions of the Holy Spirit according to his will.

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            • j 2:4 - *Here "[while]" is supplied as a component of the temporal genitive absolute participle ("was testifying at the same time")

              The Son’s Humiliation and Suffering

              5 For he did not subject to angels the world to come, about which we are speaking.

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                  6 But someone testified somewhere, saying, "What is man, that you remember him, or the son of man, that you care for him?