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Isaiah 17:8 LEB

8 it will not look to the altars, the work of its hands, and it will not see what its fingers made and the poles of Asherah worship and the incense altars.

Study tools for Isaiah 17:8

  • a 17:2 - These words in Hebrew (and "flocks" in the next line) all begin with the same letter, Ayin
  • b 17:2 - Literally "there is not one who frightens"
  • c 17:5 - Literally "a gathering of a reaper of"
  • d 17:6 - Literally "beating of an olive tree"
  • e 17:9 - Literally "the cities of his fortress"
  • f 17:9 - Perhaps this difficult phrase originally read "abandonment of the wooded heights of the Amorites"
  • g 17:10 - Literally "plant it"
  • h 17:11 - Reading the same consonants as a verb, nad, rather than the noun ned, which would mean "a heap [of][the] harvest"