Jeremiah 51:59-64 LEB

The Scroll Concerning Babylon is Thrown into the Euphrates

59 The word that Jeremiah the prophet commanded Seraiah, the son of Neriah, the son of Mahseiah, at his going with Zedekiah, the king of Judah, [to] Babylon in the fourth year of his reign. Now Seraiah [was the] {quartermaster}.a

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    • ֒ 51:59 - Literally "official of [the] resting place"
      60 And Jeremiah wrote all the disastersb that would come on Babylon in one scroll, all these words that are written concerning Babylon.

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        • ֓ 51:60 - Hebrew "disaster"
          61 And Jeremiah said to Seraiah, "At your coming [to] Babylon, then you must see [that] you read aloud all these words.
          62 And you must say, 'Yahweh, you yourself spoke against this place, to destroy it, so that [there will] not be in it [anything] living, from humankind to animals,c for it will be {an everlasting desolation}.'d

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            • ֔ 51:62 - Hebrew "animal"
            • ֕ 51:62 - Literally "a desolation of eternity"
              63 {And then}e when you finish reading aloud this scroll, you must tie a stone on it, and you must throw it into the middle of [the] Euphrates.

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                • ֖ 51:63 - Literally "And it will happen"
                  64 And you must say, 'Babylon will sink, and she will not rise, {because of}f the face of the disastersg that I [am] bringing on her, and they will grow weary.'" {Thus far}h the words of Jeremiah.

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                    • ֗ 51:64 - Literally "from"
                    • ֘ 51:64 - Hebrew "disaster"
                    • ֙ 51:64 - Literally "Up to here"