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Leviticus 27 (Lexham English Bible)

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Instructions About Vows

1 Thena Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, 2 "Speak to the {Israelites},b and sayc to them, 'When a man makes a vow according to yourd proper value [of] persons to Yahweh, 3 ife your proper value is [for] a malef from {twenty years of age}g up toh {sixty years of age},i thenj your proper value shall be fifty shekels [of] money according to the sanctuary's shekel. 4 Butk if it [is for] a female, thenl your proper value shall be thirty shekels. 5 And if from {five years of age}m up ton {twenty years of age},o thenp your proper value shall be twenty shekels [for] the male and ten shekels for the female. 6 And if from {a month of age}q up tor {five years of age},s thent your proper value shall be five shekels [of] money [for] the male, and your proper value for the female [shall be] three shekels [of] money. 7 And if from {sixty years of age}u and above: if a male, thenv your proper value shall be fifteen shekels; and for the female, ten shekels. 8 Butw if he [is] poorer than your proper value, thenx he shall present himself {before}y the priest, and the priest shall set a value [on] him; the priest shall value him {according to}z what the person who made a vow {can afford}.aa 9 " 'And if [it is] a domestic animal from which they present an offering for Yahweh, all that he gives from it for Yahweh shall be a holy object. 10 He shall not replace it, nor shall he exchange it, [either] good with bad or bad with good; and if he indeed exchanges a domestic animal with a domestic animal, thenbb {it and its substitution shall be a holy object}.cc 11 Butdd if [it is] any unclean animal from which they may not present an offering for Yahweh, thenee he shall present the animal {before}ff the priest. 12 And the priest shall set a value on it, {either good or bad};gg as the priest [sets] your proper value, so it shall be. 13 And if he indeed wants to redeem it, thenhh he shall add a fifth of it onto your proper value. 14 " 'And if a man consecrates his house [as] a holy object for Yahweh, thenii the priest shall set a value on it, {either good or bad};jj [just] as the priest sets a value on it, so it shall remain. 15 Butkk if the one who consecrates [it] wants to redeem his house, thenll he shall add a fifth of your proper value's money onto it, and it shall be his. 16 " 'And if a man consecrates {some of}mm his property's fieldsnn for Yahweh, thenoo your proper value shall be {in accordance with its seed requirements}:pp a homer of barley seed for fifty shekels of money. 17 If he consecrates his field from the Year of Jubilee, it shall stand as your proper value. 18 Butqq if he consecrates his field after the Jubilee, thenrr the priest shall calculate the money for him {according to the number of years}ss that are left over until the Year of Jubilee; and it shall be deducted from your proper value. 19 And if he indeed redeems the field that is consecrated, thentt he shall add a fifth of your proper value's money onto it, and it shall stand foruu him. 20 And if he does not redeem the field and if he sells the field to another man, it may not be redeemed again, 21 and the field shall be a holy object for Yahweh when it goes outvv in the Jubilee, like a devotedww field; {it shall be the priest's property}.xx 22 " 'And if he consecrates for Yahweh his acquiredyy field that [is] not the field of his [inherited] possession, 23 thenzz the priest shall calculate for him the {amount}52 of your proper value until the year of the Jubilee, and he shall give your proper value on that day [as] a holy object for Yahweh. 24 In the Year of the Jubilee the field shall return to the one who bought it from him, to the one whose property the land [is]. 25 And every proper value of yours shall be in the sanctuary's shekel--the shekel shall be twenty gerahs. 26 " 'However, a man shall not consecrate a firstborn among livestock, which belongs as firstborn to Yahweh; whether an ox {or}53 small livestock, it is for Yahweh. 27 And if [it is] among the unclean animals, then54 he shall ransom [it] according to your proper value, and he shall add a fifth of its [value] onto it; and if it is not redeemed, then55 it shall be sold according to your proper value. 28 However, anything devoted56 that a man has devoted to Yahweh {from all that he has},57 from human or58 animal, or59 from the field of his property, may not be sold, and it may not be redeemed; anything devoted [is] {a most holy thing}60 for Yahweh. 29 Anyone devoted who is devoted from {human beings}61 cannot be ransomed--he shall surely be put to death. 30 " 'And any tithe of the land from the land's seed [or] from the fruit of the trees [is] for Yahweh; it [is] a holy object for Yahweh. 31 And if a man indeed redeems from his tithe, he shall add a fifth of its [value] onto it. 32 As for62 every tithe of cattle or63 of the flock,64 all which crosses under the rod, the tenth shall be a holy object for Yahweh. 33 He shall not inspect between [the] good and [the] bad, and he shall not exchange it; but65 if he indeed exchanges it, then66 {it and its substitution shall be}67 a holy object--it shall not be redeemed.'" 34 These [are] the commands that Yahweh commanded Moses for the {Israelites}68 on {Mount Sinai}.69
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