Proverbs 21:1-10 LEB

1 Streams of water [are] the hearta of a king in the hand of Yahweh; {wherever}b he will desire, he will turn.

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    • ƥ 21:1 - Or "mind"
    • Ʀ 21:1 - Literally "upon all that"
      2 Every way of a man is upright in his [own] eyes, but Yahweh weighs hearts.c

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        • Ƨ 21:2 - Or "minds"
          3 Doing righteousness and justice is [more] acceptable to Yahweh than sacrifice.
          4 Haughtiness of [the] eyes and pride of heart, [the] lamp of the wicked [are] sin.
          5 The plans of the diligent only [lead] to abundance, but all who are hasty, only to want.
          6 He who makes treasure by a lying tongue [is a] fleeting vapor [and] seekerd of death.

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            • ƨ 21:6 - Hebrew "seekers"
              7 The violence of the wicked will sweep them away, for they refuse to do justice.
              8 Crooked is the way of a man and a foreigner, but the pure [is] upright [in] his conduct.
              9 Better to dwell on the corner of a roof than [to] share a house with a womane of contention.

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                • Ʃ 21:9 - Or "wife"
                  10 The soulf of the wicked desires evil; his neighbor will not find mercy in his eyes.

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                    • ƪ 21:10 - Or "soul, life, throat"