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Psalm 107:1 LEB

Thanksgiving to Yahweh for His of Deliverance

1 Give thanks to Yahweh, for [he is] good, for his loyal love [is] forever.

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      • a 107:2 - Hebrew "say"
      • b 107:3 - Hebrew "sea" (yam), which usually means "west" in a listing of directions. The word "south" is expected (Hebrew yamin). Either the MT was corrupted early (along with Isa 49:12; the LXX reads "sea" in both) or it looks to the bodies of waters to the south (see also the Targum)
      • c 107:4 - The MT reads "way" with the previous line.
      • d 107:9 - Thirst is perhaps in view
      • e 107:20 - This word is only found elsewhere in Lam 4:20 with the sense of "traps"
      • f 107:23 - Literally "many waters"
      • g 107:27 - Literally "all their wisdom was swallowed up"
      • h 107:37 - Hebrew "and make a fruit of produce"
      • i 107:41 - The sense is that of making something inaccessibly high, like a fortress