Psalm 76 LEB

For the [music] director, with stringed instruments. A psalm of Asaph. A song.

Praise to God for His Rescue of Israel

1 aGod [is] known in Judah. His name [is] great in Israel.

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    • ʑ 76:1 - The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm; the English verse number is reduced by one
      2 His denb has been in Salem, his lairc in Zion.

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        • ʒ 76:2 - Or "shelter"; but the image of the lion appears in view
        • ʓ 76:2 - Or "refuge"
          3 There he broke [the] flames of [the] bow, [the] shield and sword and battle. Selah
          4 Radiantd you [are], majestic, frome [the] mountains of prey.

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            • ʔ 76:4 - A possible change in the Hebrew text yields, "You are feared, majestic ..." a form found in vv. 8(7), 13(12). This is possibly reflected in the reading of Theodotian
            • ʕ 76:4 - Or "more than"
              5 [The] stouthearted are plundered; they sleep their sleep, and all [the] able men cannot {use}f their hands.

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                • ʖ 76:5 - Literally "find"
                  6 At your rebuke, O God of Jacob, both riderg and horse slumber.

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                    • ʗ 76:6 - Hebrew "chariot," that is, charioteer
                      7 {You, indeed, are to be feared},h and who can stand before you when you [are] angry? i

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                        • ʘ 76:7 - Literally "You, feared you [are]"
                        • ʙ 76:7 - A slight change in the vocalization of the MT yields, "from the strength of your anger"
                          8 From heaven you proclaimed judgment. [The] earth feared and was still
                          9 when God rose for justice, to save all [the] afflicted of [the] land. Selah
                          10 For the anger of humankind will praise you. You will put on [the] remnant of anger.j

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                            • ʚ 76:10 - Hebrew "angers"
                              11 Make vows and fulfill them to Yahweh, your God; let all surrounding him bring tribute to the [one to be] feared.k

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                                • ʛ 76:11 - Hebrew "to the fear"
                                  12 He cuts off [the] spirit of leaders. [He is to be] feared by [the] kings of [the] earth.