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New Testament Greek Lexicon - New American Standard

The New American Standard New Testament Greek Lexicon is based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary, plus others. It is keyed to the large Kittel and the "Theological Dictionary of the New Testament." These files are public domain.

qaddaioß Thaddaios qalassa Thalassa qalpo Thalpo qamar Thamar qambeo Thambeo qamboß Thambos qanasimoß Thanasimos qanateforoß Thanatephoros qanatoo Thanatoo qanatoß Thanatos qapto Thapto qara Thara qarreo Tharrheo qarseo Tharseo qarsoß Tharsos qauma Thauma qaumasioß Thaumasios qaumastoß Thaumastos qaumazo Thaumazo qea Thea qeaomai Theaomai qeatrizo Theatrizo qeatron Theatron qeiodeß Theiodes qeion Theion qeioß Theios qeioteß Theiotes qeke Theke qelazo Thelazo qelema Thelema qelesiß Thelesis qelo Thelo qeluß Thelus qemelioo Themelioo qemelioß Themelios qeodidaktoß Theodidaktos qeofiloß Theophilos qeomaceo Theomacheo qeomacoß Theomachos qeopneustoß Theopneustos qeoreo Theoreo qeoria Theoria qeosebeia Theosebeia qeosebeß Theosebes qeoß Theos qeostugeß Theostuges qeoteß Theotes qera Thera qerapeia Therapeia qerapeuo Therapeuo qerapon Therapon qereuo Thereuo qeriomaceo Theriomacheo qerion Therion qerismoß Therismos qeristeß Theristes qerizo Therizo qermaino Thermaino qerme Therme qeroß Theros qesaurizo Thesaurizo qesauroß Thesauros qessalonike Thessalonike qessalonikeuß Thessalonikeus qeudaß Theudas qiggano Thiggano qlibo Thlibo qliyiß Thlipsis qnesko Thnesko qnetoß Thnetos qomaß Thomas qorax Thorax qorubeo Thorubeo qoruboß Thorubos qrauo Thrauo qremma Thremma qreneo Threneo qrenoß Threnos qreskeia Threskeia qreskoß Threskos qriambeuo Thriambeuo qrix Thrix qroeo Throeo qromboß Thrombos qronoß Thronos quateira Thuateira quella Thuella qugater Thugater qugatrion Thugatrion quinoß Thuinos qumiama Thumiama qumiao Thumiao qumiasterion Thumiasterion qumomaceo Thumomacheo qumoo Thumoo qumoß Thumos quo Thuo qura Thura qureoß Thureos quriß Thuris quroroß Thuroros qusia Thusia qusiasterion Thusiasterion