1 Chronicles 15:1-7 MSG

1 After David built houses for himself in the City of David, he cleared a place for the Chest and pitched a tent for it.
2 Then David gave orders: "No one carries the Chest of God except the Levites; God designated them and them only to carry the Chest of God and be available full time for service in the work of worship."
3 David then called everyone in Israel to assemble in Jerusalem to bring up the Chest of God to its specially prepared place.
4 David also called in the family of Aaron and the Levites.
5 From the family of Kohath, Uriel the head with 120 relatives;
6 from the family of Merari, Asaiah the head with 220 relatives;
7 from the family of Gershon, Joel the head with 130 relatives;