Ecclesiastes 7:10-20 MSG

10 Don't always be asking, "Where are the good old days?" Wise folks don't ask questions like that.
11 Wisdom is better when it's paired with money, Especially if you get both while you're still living.
12 Double protection: wisdom and wealth! Plus this bonus: Wisdom energizes its owner.
13 Take a good look at God's work. Who could simplify and reduce Creation's curves and angles To a plain straight line?
14 On a good day, enjoy yourself; On a bad day, examine your conscience. God arranges for both kinds of days So that we won't take anything for granted. Stay in Touch with Both Sides
15 I've seen it all in my brief and pointless life - here a good person cut down in the middle of doing good, there a bad person living a long life of sheer evil.
16 So don't knock yourself out being good, and don't go overboard being wise. Believe me, you won't get anything out of it.
17 But don't press your luck by being bad, either. And don't be reckless. Why die needlessly?
18 It's best to stay in touch with both sides of an issue. A person who fears God deals responsibly with all of reality, not just a piece of it.
19 Wisdom puts more strength in one wise person Than ten strong men give to a city.
20 There's not one totally good person on earth, Not one who is truly pure and sinless.