Exodus 39:26-36 MSG

26 - a bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a pomegranate - all around the hem of the robe that was worn for ministering, just as God had commanded Moses.
27 They also made the tunics of fine linen, the work of a weaver, for Aaron and his sons,
28 the turban of fine linen, the linen hats, the linen underwear made of fine twisted linen,
29 and sashes of fine twisted linen, blue, purple, and scarlet material and embroidered, just as God had commanded Moses.
30 They made the plate, the sacred crown, of pure gold and engraved on it as on a seal: "Holy to God."
31 They attached a blue cord to it and fastened it to the turban, just as God had commanded Moses.
32 That completed the work of The Dwelling, the Tent of Meeting. The People of Israel did what God had commanded Moses. They did it all.
33 They presented The Dwelling to Moses, the Tent and all its furnishings: fastening hooks frames crossbars posts bases
34 tenting of tanned ram skins tenting of dolphin skins veil of the screen
35 Chest of The Testimony with its poles and Atonement-Cover
36 Table with its utensils and the Bread of the Presence