Ezekiel 7:1-7 MSG

1 God's Word came to me, saying,
2 "You, son of man - God, the Master, has this Message for the land of Israel: "'Endtime. The end of business as usual for everyone.
3 It's all over. The end is upon you. I've launched my anger against you. I've issued my verdict on the way you live. I'll make you pay for your disgusting obscenities.
4 I won't look the other way, I won't feel sorry for you. I'll make you pay for the way you've lived: Your disgusting obscenities will boomerang on you, and you'll realize that I am God.'
5 "I, God, the Master, say: 'Disaster after disaster! Look, it comes!
6 Endtime - the end comes. The end is ripe. Watch out, it's coming!
7 This is your fate, you who live in this land. Time's up. It's zero hour. No dragging of feet now, no bargaining for more time.