Micah 1:10-15 MSG

10 Don't gossip about this in Telltown. Don't waste your tears. In Dustville, roll in the dust.
11 In Alarmtown, the alarm is sounded. The citizens of Exitburgh will never get out alive. Lament, Last-Stand City: There's nothing in you left standing.
12 The villagers of Bittertown wait in vain for sweet peace. Harsh judgment has come from God and entered Peace City.
13 All you who live in Chariotville, get in your chariots for flight. You led the daughter of Zion into trusting not God but chariots. Similar sins in Israel also got their start in you.
14 Go ahead and give your good-bye gifts to Good-byeville. Miragetown beckoned but disappointed Israel's kings.
15 Inheritance City has lost its inheritance. Glorytown has seen its last of glory.