Nehemiah 9:33-38 MSG

33 You are not to blame for all that has come down on us; You did everything right, we did everything wrong.
34 None of our kings, princes, priests, or ancestors followed your Revelation; They ignored your commands, dismissed the warnings you gave them.
35 Even when they had their own kingdom and were enjoying your generous goodness, Living in that spacious and fertile land that you spread out before them, They didn't serve you or turn their backs on the practice of evil.
36 And here we are, slaves again today; and here's the land you gave our ancestors So they could eat well and enjoy a good life, and now look at us - no better than slaves on this land.
37 Its wonderful crops go to the kings you put over us because of our sins; They act like they own our bodies and do whatever they like with our cattle. We're in deep trouble.
38 "Because of all this we are drawing up a binding pledge, a sealed document signed by our princes, our Levites, and our priests."