1 Chronicles 17:22-27 NAS

22 "1For Your people Israel You made Your own people forever *, and You, O LORD, became their God.

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23 "Now, O LORD, let the word that You have spoken concerning Your servant and concerning his house be established forever *, and do as You have spoken.
24 "Let Your name be established and magnified forever *, saying, 'The LORD of hosts is the God of Israel, even a God to Israel; and the house of David Your servant is established before You.'
25 "For You, O my God, have revealed * to Your servant that You will build for him a house; therefore * Your servant has found courage to pray before You.
26 "Now, O LORD, You are God, and have apromised this good thing to Your servant.

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      27 "And now it has pleased You to bless the house of Your servant, that it may bcontinue forever before You; for You, O LORD, have blessed, and it is blessed forever."

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