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1 Corinthians 14:16-26 (New American Standard)

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16 Otherwise if you bless ain the spirit only, how will the one who fills the place of the bungifted say 1the "Amen " at your 2giving of thanks, since he does not know what you are saying? 17 For you are giving thanks well enough, but the other person is not 3edified. 18 I thank God, I speak in tongues more than you all; 19 however, in the church I desire to speak five words with my mind so that I may instruct others also, rather than ten thousand words in a tongue.

Instruction for the Church

20 4Brethren, 5do not be children in your thinking; yet in evil 6be infants, but in your thinking be mature. 21 In 7the Law it is written, "8BY MEN OF STRANGE TONGUES AND BY THE LIPS OF STRANGERS I WILL SPEAK TO THIS PEOPLE, AND EVEN SO THEY WILL NOT LISTEN TO ME," says the Lord. 22 So then tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe but to unbelievers; but 9prophecy is for a sign, not to unbelievers but to those who believe. 23 Therefore if the whole church assembles together and all speak in tongues, and cungifted men or unbelievers enter, will they not say that 10you are mad? 24 But if all 11prophesy, and an unbeliever or an dungifted man enters, he is 12convicted by all, he is called to account by all; 25 13the secrets of his heart are disclosed; and so he will 14fall on his face and worship God, 15declaring that God is certainly among you. 26 16What is the outcome then, 17brethren? When you assemble, 18each one has a 19psalm, has a 20teaching, has a 21revelation, has a 22tongue, has an 23interpretation. Let 24all things be done for edification.
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