Acts 10:10-20 NAS

10 But he became hungry and was desiring to eat; but while they were making preparations, he 1fell into a trance;

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11 and he saw 2the asky opened up, and an bobject like a great sheet coming down, lowered by four corners to the ground,

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      12 and there were in it all kinds of four-footed animals and ccrawling creatures of the earth and birds of the dair.

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          13 A voice came to him, "Get up, Peter, ekill and eat!"

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            • Ŏ 10:13 - Or "sacrifice"
              14 But Peter said, "By no means, 3Lord, for 4I have never eaten anything funholy and unclean."

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              15 Again a voice came to him a second time, "5What God has cleansed, no longer consider gunholy."

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              16 This happened three times, and immediately the hobject was taken up into the isky.

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                  17 Now while Peter was greatly perplexed in jmind as to what 6the vision which he had seen might be, behold, 7the men who had been sent by Cornelius, having asked directions for Simon's house, appeared at the gate;

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                    • œ 10:17 - Lit "himself"
                      18 and calling out, they were asking whether Simon, who was also called Peter, was staying there.
                      19 While Peter was reflecting on 8the vision, 9the Spirit said to him, "Behold, kthree men are looking for you.

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                        • Ŕ 10:19 - One early ms reads "two"
                          20 "But get up, go downstairs and 10accompany * them lwithout misgivings, for I have sent them Myself."

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                            • ŕ 10:20 - Lit "doubting nothing"