Acts 27:9-19 NAS

9 When considerable time had passed and the voyage was now dangerous, since even 1the afast was already over, Paul began to admonish them,

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    • ˃ 27:9 - I.e. Day of Atonement in September or October, which was a dangerous time of year for navigation
      10 and said to them, "Men, I perceive that the voyage will certainly be with 2damage and great loss, not only of the cargo and the ship, but also of our lives."

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      11 But the centurion was more persuaded by the 3pilot and the bcaptain of the ship than by what was being said by Paul.

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      12 Because the harbor was not suitable for wintering, the majority reached a decision to put out to sea from there, if somehow they could reach Phoenix, a harbor of 4Crete, facing southwest and northwest, and spend the winter there.

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      13 cWhen a moderate south wind came up, supposing that they had attained their purpose, they weighed anchor and began 5sailing along 6Crete, close inshore.

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        • ˅ 27:13 - Lit "a south wind having gently blown"


          14 But before * very long there 7rushed down from dthe land a violent wind, called eEuraquilo;

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            • ˆ 27:14 - Lit "it"
            • ˇ 27:14 - I.e. a northeaster
              15 and when the ship was caught in it and could not face the wind, we gave way to it and let ourselves be driven along.
              16 Running under the shelter of a small island called Clauda, we were scarcely able to get the ship's fboat under control.

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                • ˈ 27:16 - Or "skiff:" a small boat in tow or carried on board for emergency use, transportation to and from shore, etc.
                  17 After they had hoisted it up, they used gsupporting cables in undergirding the ship; and fearing that they might 8run aground on the shallows of Syrtis, they let down the hsea anchor and in this way let themselves be driven along.

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                      18 The next day as we were being violently storm-tossed, ithey began to 9jettison the cargo;

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                        • ˋ 27:18 - Lit "they were doing a throwing out"
                          19 and on the third day they threw the ship's tackle overboard with their own hands.