Isaiah 57:1-9 NAS

Evil Leaders Rebuked

1 The righteous man perishes, and no man 1takes it to heart; And devout men are taken away, while no one understands. For the righteous man is taken away from 2evil,

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2 He enters into peace; They rest in their abeds, Each one who 3walked in his upright way.

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    • ͷ 57:2 - I.e. graves
      3 "But come here, you sons of a 4sorceress, 5Offspring of an adulterer and ba 6prostitute.

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        • ͸ 57:3 - So ancient versions; Heb "she prostitutes herself"
          4 "Against whom do you jest? Against whom do you open wide your mouth And stick out your tongue? Are you not children of 7rebellion, Offspring of deceit,

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          5 Who inflame yourselves among the c8oaks, 9Under every luxuriant tree, Who 10slaughter the children in the dravines, Under the clefts of the crags?

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            • ͹ 57:5 - Or "terebinths"
            • ͺ 57:5 - Or "wadis"
              6 "Among the e11smooth stones of the fravine Is your portion, gthey are your lot; Even to them you have 12poured out a drink offering, You have made a grain offering. Shall I h13relent concerning these things?

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                • ͻ 57:6 - I.e. symbols of fertility gods
                • ͼ 57:6 - Or "wadi"
                • ͽ 57:6 - Lit "they, they"
                • ; 57:6 - Or "repent"
                  7 "Upon a 14high and lofty mountain You have 15made your bed. You also went up there to offer sacrifice.

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                  8 "Behind the door and the doorpost You have set up your sign; Indeed, far removed from Me, you have 16uncovered yourself, And have gone up and made your bed wide. And you have made an agreement for yourself with them, You have loved their ibed, You have looked on their jmanhood.

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                    • Ϳ 57:8 - Or "lying down"
                    • ΀ 57:8 - Lit "hand"
                      9 "You have journeyed to the king with oil And increased your perfumes; You have 17sent your envoys a great distance And made them go down to kSheol.

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                        • ΁ 57:9 - I.e. the nether world