3 His possessions also were 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, and very many servants; and that man was the greatest of all the men of the east.
3 "Behold you have admonished many, And you have strengthened weak hands.
25 "You will know also that your descendants will be many, And your offspring as the grass of the earth.
19 "You would lie down and none would disturb you, And many would entreat your favor.
2 "I have heard many such things; Sorry comforters are you all.
5 "Is not your wickedness great, And your iniquities without end?
14 "For He performs what is appointed for me, And many such decrees are with Him
25 If I have gloated because my wealth was great, And because my hand had secured so much;
34 Because I feared the great multitude, And the contempt of families terrified me, And kept silent and did not go out of doors?
9 "The abundant in years may not be wise, Nor may elders understand justice.
9 "Because of the multitude of oppressions they cry out; They cry for help because of the arm of the mighty.
28 Which the clouds pour down, They drip upon man abundantly.
21 "You know, for you were born then, And the number of your days is great!
11 "Will you trust him because his strength is great And leave your labor to him?