Job 6:1-7 NAS

Job's Friends Are No Help

1 Then Job aanswered,

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    •  6:1 - Lit "answered and said"
      2 "1Oh that my grief were actually weighed And laid in the balances together with my calamity!

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      3 "For then it would be 2heavier than the sand of the seas; Therefore * my words have been rash.

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      4 "For the 3arrows of the Almighty are within me, bTheir 4poison my spirit drinks; The 5terrors of God are arrayed against me.

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        •  6:4 - Lit "Whose"
          5 "Does the 6wild donkey bray over his grass, Or does the ox low over his fodder?

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          6 "Can something tasteless be eaten without salt, Or is there any taste in the cwhite of an egg?

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            • ‘ 6:6 - Heb "hallamuth," meaning uncertain. Perhaps the juice of a plant
              7 "My soul 7refuses to touch them; They are like loathsome food to me.

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