1 Chronicles 4:33; 1 Chronicles 6:55; 1 Chronicles 9:27; 1 Chronicles 10:9; 1 Chronicles 11:8; 1 Chronicles 22:9; 1 Chronicles 22:18; 1 Chronicles 28:12

33 and all their villages that were around the same cities as far as Baal. These were their settlements, and they have their genealogy.
55 to them they gave Hebron in the land of Judah and its pasture lands around it;
27 They spent the night around the house of God, because the watch was committed to them; and they were in charge of opening it morning by morning.
9 So they stripped him and took his head and his armor and sent messengers around the land of the Philistines to carry the good news to their idols and to the people.
8 He built the city all around, from the Millo even to the surrounding area; and Joab repaired the rest of the city.
9 'Behold, a son will be born to you, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from all his enemies on every side; for his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quiet to Israel in his days.
18 "Is not the LORD your God with you? And has He not given you rest on every side? For He has given the inhabitants of the land into my hand, and the land is subdued before the LORD and before His people.
12 and the plan of all that he had in mind, for the courts of the house of the LORD , and for all the surrounding rooms, for the storehouses of the house of God and for the storehouses of the dedicated things;