Psalm 141 NAS

An Evening Prayer for Sanctification and Protection.

1 O LORD, I call upon You; 1hasten to me! 2Give ear to my voice when I call to You!

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2 May my prayer be acounted as 3incense before You; The 4lifting up of my hands as the 5evening offering.

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3 Set a 6guard, O LORD, bover my mouth; Keep watch over the 7door of my lips.

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4 8Do not incline my heart to any evil thing, To practice deeds cof wickedness With men who 9do iniquity; And 10do not let me eat of their delicacies.

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5 Let the 11righteous smite me din kindness and reprove me; It is 12oil upon the head; Do not let my head refuse it, eFor still my prayer 13is fagainst their wicked deeds.

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    • ٗ 141:5 - Or "lovingly"
    • ٘ 141:5 - Lit "And my prayer"
    • ٙ 141:5 - Or "in spite of their calamities"
      6 Their judges are 14thrown down by the sides of the rock, And they hear my words, for they are pleasant.

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      7 As when one 15plows and breaks open the earth, Our 16bones have been scattered at the 17mouth of gSheol.

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        • ٚ 141:7 - I.e. the nether world
          8 For my 18eyes are toward You, O hGOD, the Lord; In You I 19take refuge; 20do not ileave me defenseless *.

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            • ٛ 141:8 - Heb "YHWH," usually rendered LORD
            • ٜ 141:8 - Lit "pour out my soul"
              9 Keep me from the j21jaws of the trap which they have set for me, And from the 22snares of those who do iniquity.

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                • ٝ 141:9 - Lit "hands of the trap"
                  10 Let the wicked 23fall into their own nets, While I pass by k24safely.

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                    • ٞ 141:10 - Lit "altogether"