Psalm 90:7-17 NAS

7 For we have been 1consumed by Your anger And by Your wrath we have been adismayed.

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    • ч 90:7 - Or "terrified"
      8 You have 2placed our iniquities before You, Our 3secret sins in the light of Your presence.

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      9 For 4all our days have declined in Your fury; We have finished our years like a bsigh.

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        • ш 90:9 - Or "whisper"
          10 As for the days of our clife, dthey contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, 5eighty years, Yet their pride is but 6labor and sorrow; For soon it is gone and we 7fly away.

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            • щ 90:10 - Lit "years"
            • ъ 90:10 - Lit "in them are"
              11 Who eunderstands the 8power of Your anger And Your fury, according to the 9fear fthat is due You?

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                  12 So 10teach us to number our days, That we may g11present to You a heart of wisdom.

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                    • э 90:12 - Or "gain, bring in"
                      13 Do 12return, O LORD; 13how long * will it be? And hbe 14sorry for Your servants.

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                        • ю 90:13 - Or "repent in regard to"
                          14 O 15satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness, That we may 16sing for joy and be glad all our days.

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                          15 17Make us glad iaccording to the days You have afflicted us, And the 18years we have seen jevil.

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                            • я 90:15 - Or "as many days as"
                            • ѐ 90:15 - Or "trouble"
                              16 Let Your 19work appear to Your servants And Your 20majesty kto their children.

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                              17 Let the 21favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And l22confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, mconfirm the work of our hands.

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                                • ђ 90:17 - Or "give permanence to"
                                • ѓ 90:17 - Or "give permanence to"