Acts 14:1-6 NCV

1 In Iconium, Paul and Barnabas went as usual to the Jewish syna- gogue. They spoke so well that a great many Jews and Greeks believed.
2 But some of the Jews who did not believe excited the non-Jewish people and turned them against the believers.
3 Paul and Barnabas stayed in Iconium a long time and spoke bravely for the Lord. He showed that their message about his grace was true by giving them the power to work miracles and signs.
4 But the city was divided. Some of the people agreed with the Jews, and others believed the apostles.
5 Some who were not Jews, some Jews, and some of their rulers wanted to mistreat Paul and Barnabas and to stone them to death.
6 When Paul and Barnabas learned about this, they ran away to Lystra and Derbe, cities in Lycaonia, and to the areas around those cities.