Jeremiah 10:20-25 NCV

20 My tent is ruined, and all its ropes are broken. My children have gone away and left me. No one is left to put up my tent again or to set up a shelter for me.
21 The shepherds are stupid and don't ask the Lord for advice. So they do not have success, and all their flocks are scattered and lost.
22 Listen! The news is coming. A loud noise comes from the north to make the towns of Judah an empty desert and a home for wild dogs!
23 Lord, I know that a person's life doesn't really belong to him. No one can control his own life.
24 Lord, correct me, but be fair. Don't punish me in your anger, or you will destroy me.
25 Pour out your anger on other nations that do not know you and do not pray to you. Those nations have destroyed Jacob's family. They have eaten him up completely and destroyed his homeland.