Job 34:24-34 NCV

24 Without asking questions, God breaks powerful people into pieces and puts others in their place.
25 Because God knows what people do, he defeats them in the night, and they are crushed.
26 He punishes them for the evil they do so that everyone else can watch,
27 because they stopped following God and did not care about any of his ways.
28 The cry of the poor comes to God; he hears the cry of the needy.
29 But if God keeps quiet, who can blame him? If he hides his face, who can see him? God still rules over both nations and persons alike.
30 He keeps the wicked from ruling and from trapping others.
31 "But suppose someone says to God, 'I am guilty, but I will not sin anymore.
32 Teach me what I cannot see. If I have done wrong, I will not do it again.'
33 So, Job, should God reward you as you want when you refuse to change? You must decide, not I, so tell me what you know.
34 "Those who understand speak, and the wise who hear me say,