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Numbers 15:10-20 (New Century Version)

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10 Also bring two quarts of wine as a drink offering. This offering is made by fire, and its smell will be pleasing to the Lord. 11 Prepare each bull or male sheep, lamb or young goat this way. 12 Do this for every one of the animals you bring. 13 "'All citizens must do these things in this way, and the smell of their offerings by fire will be pleasing to the Lord. 14 From now on if foreigners who live among you want to make offerings by fire so the smell will be pleasing to the Lord, they must offer them the same way you do. 15 The law is the same for you and for foreigners, and it will be from now on; you and the foreigners are alike before the Lord. 16 The teachings and rules are the same for you and for the foreigners among you.'" 17 The Lord said to Moses, 18 "Tell the Israelites: 'You are going to another land, where I am taking you. 19 When you eat the food there, offer part of it to the Lord. 20 Offer a loaf of bread from the first of your grain, which will be your offering from the threshing floor.
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