Proverbs 23:9-19 NCV

9 Don't speak to fools; they will only ignore your wise words.
10 Don't move an old stone that marks a border, and don't take fields that belong to orphans.
11 God, their defender, is strong; he will take their side against you.
12 Remember what you are taught, and listen carefully to words of knowledge.
13 Don't fail to punish children. If you spank them, they won't die.
14 If you spank them, you will save them from death
15 My child, if you are wise, then I will be happy.
16 I will be so pleased if you speak what is right.
17 Don't envy sinners, but always respect the Lord.
18 Then you will have hope for the future, and your wishes will come true.
19 Listen, my child, and be wise. Keep your mind on what is right